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Cell Rejuvenation Through Telomerase Activation with TA-65®

What are telomeres?

Telomeres (te-•lo•meres) are buffers, protective pieces of DNA material at the ends of each and every chromosome in every cell in the body. Imagine a shoelace with the little plastic endpiece that keeps the strings of the lace bound together. This is what a telomere looks like and how it functions. Just as a shoelace unravels if the protective tip is missing, so the genetic material of the chromosomes degrades if not properly protected by telomeres of a certain length.

What is Telomerase Activation?

Telomerase (te•lo-m•er•ase) is a naturally-occurring enzyme in the body and a vital factor in cell health. It helps maintain the protective telomeres located at the ends of all chromosomes.** Scientific studies have shown that controlled activation of telomerase in normal cells can increase telomere length, improve functional capacity, and promote the proliferative lifespan of cells (Source: www.geron.com). The Telomerase-Activating potency of the molecule TA-65TM has been independently proven in rigorous tests by the Geron Corporation.**

What products are offered?

TA-65, a nutraceutical capsule, by T.A. Sciences.

Telomere length testing.

Have these products been tested?

T.A. SciencesTM follows stringent scientific procedures to back up the safety and efficacy of our products. Over the last four years we have conducted a series of studies including, most importantly, the Pivitol 2005 Anti-Aging Trial designed to directly measure the effect of TA-65 when taken internally. In this trial we saw a clear reduction in the signs of aging from the introduction of TA-65 into the bloodstream.

Is there real science behind these products?

The presence of telomerase and the effects of telomere shortening are so basic to human aging and the maladies of old age that an entirely new branch of biology (Telomere Biology) has sprung up in the last two decades. The science of telomeres and telomerase activation is a new frontier, attracting some of the brightest scientific minds in both the academic and pharmaceutical worlds. To maintain its leadership role in Telomerase Activation, T.A. SciencesTM maintains a unique relationship with leading edge California Biotech firm Geron, the unquestioned leader in the field of Telomere Biology. Dr. Calvin Harley, Geron’s Chief Scientific Officer, who first discovered the link between Telomeres and aging, works closely with T.A. Sciences to integrate the latest scientific discoveries into T.A. Sciences’ products. T.A. Sciences has also established working relationships with several other of the world’s leading Telomere Biologists.

How does T.A. Sciences assure the quality of its products?

Quality and purity are assured through a series of analytical tests. Here is the process from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

  • T.A. Sciences harvests high-potency Astragalus root from specifically selected farms in China. That material is refined in our exclusive plant extraction facility, and sent out for analytical testing to ensure purity.
  • This refined base material is then sent to an FDA certified chemical laboratory where, through a proprietary process perfected over more than four years of research and development, the material is further extracted and purified, to yield the single molecule TA-65 at over 90% purity. TA-65 is then tested again using a proprietary, patent-protected assay process exclusive to T.A. Sciences, and undergoes another Quality Assurance inspection.
  • The Purified TA-65 is then sent to New Jersey in the USA –with an authenticated Certificate of Analysis to ensure purity, potency, and quality–to be formulated and produced into capsules by Garden State Nutritionals in their state-of-the-art facilities. The TA-65 is blended with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade excipients and produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and certified by the Natural Products Association. The GMP practices followed by Garden State are equal to the best practices in the nutritional supplements industry.
  • Through these and other rigorous quality programs, T.A. Sciences can assure our clients that what we say on our label is 100% accurate.

What is the plant from which TA-65 is derived?

TA-65 is a naturally occurring molecule found in the ancient Chinese herb Astragalus. Well known to most of China’s 1.3 billion people for over 1000 years, Astragalus root can be found in every traditional Chinese herbal shop. Major health benefits from this plant have long been recognized by practitioners in China, but never before has the TA-65 active ingredient been isolated and purified.

If TA-65 is a molecule coming from the Astragalus plant and Astragalus extracts are available in any vitamin shop, why not just buy those inexpensive commercial products?

To answer this question, we purchased four commonly available Astragalus extract  products and had them tested to verify how much, if any, TA-65 is present. In all four cases, the testing lab could not detect any TA-65. Their assay is accurate to one part per million.

This is not surprising because not only is the TA-65 molecule rare, but extraction processes used by Chinese processing companies    normally destroy it. T.A. Sciences uses a proprietary production process that took years of research and over a million dollars to develop.

Is the TA Protocol Scientifically Supported?

T.A. Sciences is the first and only company in the world to offer Telomerase-Activating products to combat the effects of aging through leading-edge science.

Is TA-65 a drug?

TA-65 is sold as a nutritional supplement, not a drug. It activates telomerase and this helps keep cells functioning in a normal and healthy way as we age. TA-65 is not a drug and we make no claims that it prevents or treats any disease.

Is there a risk of unwanted cell proliferation?

TA-65 is a single molecule found in the Astragalus plant. Astragalus extracts have been safely consumed by humans for over a thousand years and are available in any vitamin shop. TA-65′s method of action is to activate the enzyme telomerase which in turn affects the telomeres, which are located at the tips of every chromosome in every cell of the body. Telomeres are the cellular clock of aging, every time a cell divides, telomeres get shorter. When telomeres get too short, cells can no longer divide and proliferate; they become old cells. Maintaining telomere health and length allows cells to continue to divide and proliferate for a longer time; they simply live and function longer. However if cells live longer, there is a theoretical concern that they might over proliferate. Therefore, theoretically, TA-65 could stimulate unwanted growth and cell overpopulation. Of course what TA-65 aims to do is to keep healthy cells alive and functioning for as long as possible. But what about the possibility of allowing unhealthy cells to live longer?

There is evidence that suggests that TA-65 boosts and strengthens the immune system, which we believe should address or suppress any cell overpopulation. Thus, we believe the overall effect of TA-65 regarding cell proliferation to be positive.

Furthermore, we believe that a number of physical changes associated with old age are due to the presence of short telomeres. TA-65 is specifically designed to promote overall cell health and longevity by increasing telomere length or slowing the rate of telomere shortening. When telomerase is activated, cell distress due to shortened telomeres is reduced.

In summary, considering the lack of evidence of TA-65 causing unwanted human cell proliferation, we believe the potential beneficial effects of activating telomerase and maintaining healthy tissue function outweigh any theoretical risk.

Products that activate telomerase are on the frontiers of science and before you take TA-65, you should consult your physician or health care provider.


TA-65 sounds too good to be true. How do I know this is not just snake oil like other so-called anti-aging products?

TA-65 has been proven by outside, 3rd party laboratories to activate telomerase. Telomerase lengthens telomeres and longer telomeres allow cells to continue to divide and replicate longer.

Leading Biotech company Geron discovered TA-65 and licensed the technology to T.A. Sciences in 2002. Geron is a half billion dollar company and is acknowledged in the scientific community and on Wall Street as the world leader in Telomere Biology. Visit their web site at www.Geron.com.

In 2005 we did a Pivotal Anti-Aging Trial that statistically shows in black and white what real people experienced from TA-65. This was a double-blind, placebo controlled study with data interpreted by Stanford University Ph.D., Dr. Jochen Kumm. For a summary of the findings from this trial, go to the top of this page and click on “Human Trials.”

T.A. Sciences is solidly grounded in Geron’s patented telomerase technology and validated by additional controlled studies.

by T. A. Sciences

Telomerase Activation works on targeted cells in your body and can improve cell longevity and quality of life. A double-blind, placebo controlled study of TA-65® showed improvements in:


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